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B(r)uno Roberto Volt  &  Aruspice Circus [Cie 


Crazy elegant and irreverent poetry



Based in Lyon, in the bohemian quarter of Croix Rousse for over 25 years, author of the manifesto "No talent No limit", founder and artistic director of the “Aruspice circus company”. Creator of the character Buno. Author, eccentric actor, poet of the absurd. On my latest creations, I collaborated with Michel Dallaire (Cirque du soleil, Cie contre pour) and Dave Saint Pierre (The terrible child of Quebec dance).


I have presented my creations, as much on regional scenes than on places of national theater, I have been invited to international festivals but also in alternative scenes, underground places, art factory, cultural wastelands.


Prato Pôle National Cirque – Lille, Espace Baudelaire Rillieux-la-Pape, Théâtre des pénitents Monbrison, Karavan théâtre Chassieux, Théâtre de l’unité, La vache qui Rue, les Ateliers Frappaz Villeurbanne,...

Festival Overjissel Op Straat Theater à Hengelo (Pays-Bas) / Festival Berlin Lacht ! (Allemagne) / Festival International Teatro de Calle (Valladolid, Espagne) / Recicledo (B.H Brazil) / Convencion Latina de Circo de Bogota et Ecole national de cirque de Cali (Colombie) / Noorderzon (Hollande) / Aarhus Festuge (Danemark) / Clown Festiva de Sighisoara (Roumanie) / EuroArt Festival de Bratislava (Slovaquie)…



My performances are between circus theater and music, made from my own impulses, can be compared to forms of “Art Brut."

"Art, therefore, where the sole function of invention manifests itself, and not those, constant in cultural art, of the chameleon and the monkey"

Jean Dubuffet


I became to be a clown, for my pleasure, to escape the world. Life would have us believe that to be an adult is to forget your childhood dreams, to accept the reason. To make art is to want to change the society in which we live, it is to flee this world to create a new world. My shows, talk about this freedom. It happened spontaneously, without prior thought. I never had the ambition to be a clown, I became one neither by choice nor by desire, but by nature. ”


The clown exists to knock over chairs, and kick consensus in the ass. This kick is not symbolic, this reversal is not theoretical, it is a fact. The clown is a warrior. His weapon is laughter. He does not pretend, he does not play a role, he is what he is, and that is what disturbs the mind. His actions have consequences. They are right. The laughter he provokes is not cerebral, it is visceral. This is how he joins the Prophet of viscera, the circus (circle) of Soothsayers.



For millenia humans have traversed all wrong roads, because for millenia all their seeking and questioning have landed them in a cul-de-sac. The master of ineptitude has time as his domain. He surrenders only in the face of eternity.”

Henry Miller - the smile at the Foot of the Ladder.

Archives of the past shows...


“Buno, Volare, Volare” is a surrealistic show that poetically expresses the total commitment, the perpetual quest, perseverance, failures and faith necessary to achieve “the unreachable star.”

Visual burlesque show (without words)
suitable for all ages, from 8 years upwards.
Total show time: 70 minutes
Places to perform : Theatres, Tents


An all-terrain event, the Solo Circus is capable of being performed anywhere, in the street, in fields, in halls or theatres.
With his Solo Circus, Buno wakes up the inner child hidden deep inside each of us.

Visual burlesque show (without words)
suitable for all ages, from 8 years upwards.
Total show time: 70 minutes
Places to perform : Theatres, Tents, Street


Megaphone in hand, mass of hair under his helmet, looking utterly loopy, Buno interacts with passers-by…

Show time : 30 mn
Place : Street