Visual burlesque show (without words)
suitable for all ages, from 8 years upwards.
Total show time: 70 minutes
Places to perform : Theatres, Tents, street

“It’s hard to know what to say about clowns. However talk about clowns we must. So, without going into too much detail about the wacky inventions of this outstanding artist, let’s talk about Buno, because Buno doesn’t speak. 
In fact let’s not talk about clowns, let’s go and see them instead, especially this one.” Théâtre de rue ‘Street theatre’ Yoland SIMON

Buno was created in total accordance with my feelings depending on my mood, unaware of where I was heading. It was a completely free and spontaneous act. Initially there was a deep desire to fight the world. It was a challenge, for pleasure, for fun.  Then I found myself carried away by my own invention.

It’s hard to say what Buno is trying to tell us in the sweet madness to which the viewer is invited, free to draw his own conclusions. Buno doesn’t have a story to tell, as he is the story. Nevertheless, in my heart I am sure that there is some meaning to this and I stick to my character, since I prefer actions to words.

Buno does not speak. He is the man before the invention of speech.
The little sounds he makes are enough to communicate his joys, fears and surprises.
At the same time he is tender, curious, acrobatic, angry and shy. Buno, the character, develops at the mercy of things that he finds hidden in his trousers…
Sometimes musician, sometimes mad scientist, his shock of hair reminds us of Beethoven or Einstein, and his leather suit of some rocker regressed to childhood.

An all-terrain event, the Solo Circus is capable of being performed anywhere, in the street, in fields, in halls or theatres.
With his Solo Circus, Buno wakes up the inner child hidden deep inside each of us.