No Talent No Limit




No Talent No Limit is responds to the urgency and calls for dissent. What is unrealistic is not to want a new world but to try to keep alive the contempory world. The collapse of our civilization and the unmasking of the plutocratic oligarchy only announce the feast (sober and silent) to come ...


We know today that the world we live in is not sustainable. It is not valid to the extent that it can not spread equally throughout the planet. The continuing economic crisis, cascading ecological catastrophes, are only the symptoms of a system in agony.

"Que vayan todos, Y que no quede ni uno solo!


For two millennia we have always been haunted by the specter of our own nature: a human nature so greedy and so violent that it would give society anarchy if it were not subjected to some government. To believe that we are at the mercy of a human "nature" that it belongs to the "culture" to contain is "a Western illusion".


Show time : 1h
Place : theater, Street, circus, barricade, squat, Friche