For Max the Unique ... BUNO

For the unique Max, the great master - 
his disciple Charles Chaplin”


"Buno-Max", dandy Dadaist like the elegant Dalí, hilarious, focused on the beautiful sex, always mixed with zany adventures that he draws with brilliance. "Buno-Max" is worn by a recognizable physique: elegant costumes, top hat (sometimes melon) and prodigious favorites.

he arrives drunk amid of astonished guests, this seductive and polished character seems to have forgotten the reasons for his presence here. He start to heckle the guests, shamelessly dragged some spectators, tries to regain his spirits by improvising a few pirouettes.

Humor, charm, elegance, here he is back, a century after "Buno-Max", incorrigible seducer and ... often blundering intentional, shows a thousand talents: Pianist virtuoso, he dismantles a piano. Professor of crazy tango, he teaches wacky steps up to put on all fours and get the partners' hands on the buttocks. Provocateur he takes a bath (a shower) in public. Simulates an illness of the heart to be consulted by a charming doctor who undresses.

An extraordinary genius, he takes all risks, exploding the codes of propriety, to the rhythm of his gags. Energumene is one of a kind and has no limits. Crazy guy escaped from the asylum, gentlemen burglar, with him all the laws collapse, all moral codes are ridiculed, the civilized world collapses in a burst of laughter.

For Max Stirner the author of the immortal book

"The Unique and His Property".

My cause is neither the divine nor the human, not the true, good, just, free, etc., but solely what is mine, and it is not a general one, but is — unique, as I am unique. Nothing is more to me than myself!

Max Stirner


"A Living Declaration of Independence from the Imagination of Human Rights to Its Own Folly." Dalí  


Show time : 1h
Place : theater, Street, circus, barricade, squat, Friche