Tango RAGEIntime





Hospitalized following a serious accident, Maria has lost all memory, her landmarks. His only memory: dancing the tango. During the day, she goes through the corridors of the hospital while dancing, and at night she escapes to join the Milonga.



Abandoned on the steps of a church in Buenos Aires, then adopted by a French couple. Roberto, with troubled history, is on the run. His motto: Neither god nor master. Roberto has the tango in his skin. Its objective is to find Buenos Aires.



Today Maria went out of the hospital dancing with her perfusion holder, she heard a tango music somewhere so she tries to join the dance floor. Roberto's only goal is to dance as much as he can, to escape. Tonight Roberto meets Maria for the first time ...




Show time : 15mn
Place : theater, Street, circus, barricade, squat, Friche